We are thrilled to announce that we have just published our first online-only short story. The 'fantastic and gut punching' new story, 'Agency', by Stephanie Hutton can be found here. We hope you enjoy it.

We are hoping to publish a lot more work online, in the interim periods between releasing physical editions of The Ham, so keep your eyes on on the ONLINE page of the website, sign up to our mailing list, or look out on our various social media channels for new stories, poetry, artwork and photography. Submissions are currently open for online-only work, and there is no specific theme, so send us your work and if we like it we will do our best to publish it!!

In other news, The Ham has recently been stocked in a new 'art vending machine' based in Bristol. VendArt, the brainchild of a good friend of The Ham, Matt Manson, is a vending machine which dispenses artwork, ideas, zines and other assorted paraphernalia, situated at the entrance of The Island, on Nelson Street in Bristol. We thought it was a fantastic idea and we were very keen to get involved. The copies of issue #1 we had in the machine were quick to go, and issue #2 is due to be stocked some time this week, so if you're in Bristol, head down and have a look!!!

Finally, we have started to distribute issue #2 of The Ham. Primarily in our backyard of South East London, with a few up in Leeds and surrounding areas, and we plan to get much further afield over the coming weeks. We will be distributing around 500 free copies of issue #2 in total, so keep your eyes peeled for it! Issue #2 is available to buy online for those not lucky enough to pick up a free issue, it's about the same price of a cup of expensive copy, and available in physical or digital format


Ed (Editor)