Below is a list of all the contributors to issue #2 and their respective bios. They are listed in the order in which they appear in the journal, along with links to their website, blogs, and Instagram accounts, if they have them. If you particularly enjoyed the work of any of our contributors, please let them know, follow them, explore their work, and help support their creative endeavours.


Francesca Baker - A Beginning

Francesca Baker is a writer, creator and connector, with a passion for finding inspiration and expression in the world. She's always written, be it stories as a child, her own newspaper reporting on dad’s sleeping and mum’s dinners, the school magazine, or numerous blogs, but never thinks of myself as a writer. She sees tales in and behind everything, and like most people with a creative mind often thinks to herself and says out loud ‘there’s a novel in there somewhere.’ But my fiction in particular is often scrappy bits of story that never seem to form a narrative. Follow her on Twitter and read her blog


Nod Ghosh - Stealing Eddie's Spirits

Nod Ghosh's work features in various New Zealand and international publications. Nod is an associate editor for Flash Frontier. Further details:


Mark Mayes - Alight & A Note to Those Who Always Say No

Mark’s début novel, The Gift Maker, is to be published by Urbane Publications on February 23rd 2017 ( He has published stories and poems in numerous magazines and anthologies, including the celebrated Unthology series (#5, #9, and #10) from Unthank Books. His work has been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service, and he has been shortlisted for various literary prizes, including The Bridport Prize. Mark also writes songs, some of which may be found here:


Michael Herring - Angel of Worry

Michael Herring is an artist in Boulder, CO, USA. See more work at


Brian Coughlan - Widow Maker

Brian Coughlan has a Masters Degree in Screenwriting from NUIG. He has published work with The BohemythThe Galway Review, Storgy, Write Out Publishing, Toasted Cheese, Thrice Publishing, Litbreak, Lunaris ReviewLitroNY and Unthology. In 2014 he was shortlisted for the Industry Insider TV Pilot Contest as a co-creator of the drama series Panacea. He is an active member of the Galway Scriptwriters Group since 2013.


Marc Nash - Spring Clean

Marc Nash has published five collections of flash fiction and his fifth novel is published in Summer 2017 on Dead Ink Books. He works with video makers to turn some of his flash into digital storytelling. He lives and works in London.


Brian O'Reilly - Passionate Duck

For the past twenty or so years, Marc has been running an independent record label, reissuing old albums on CD. He recently graduated with an MA in Creative Writing.  Prior to that, he studied for a BA in English & Creative Writing. As for a potted biography; he is a keen reader, writer and long-distance runner.


Kevlin Henney - Empty Platforms & The Jar Over the Edge

Kevlin writes short fiction, mostly flash, and is involved in organising the Bristol Festival of Literature and the BristolFlash events for National Flash Fiction Day. His stories have appeared on tree (including a number of anthologies, Litro and New Scientist), online (some are listed here) and on air (BBC Radio Bristol and Ujima Radio). He is based in Bristol, but travels a lot for work, so takes the opportunity to photograph what he sees, most visibly on his Instagram feed. He has won and placed in a number of online photography contests. Occasionally — and definitely not often enough — he blogs about writing and photography.


Cara L. McKee - Up HereTime Passing

Born in Yorkshire, Cara now lives in Largs, Ayrshire, with her young family. She writes a column for the new Scotland 4 Kids magazine and blogs (mostly poetry) at She is working on her first novel and braving sharing her poetry. She is thrilled that she has recently had poems accepted for the new Scottish magazine, 404 Ink (first issue preorderable now), and for Allegro Poetry (December issue). Cara is very fond of Instagram (@caralmckee) and wears a lot of black. She hates making phone calls.


Bess Chan - Summer of '16

Bess Chan is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Art Honours at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London. Her practice revolves around a continuous documentation of her constant shuffle between three places: being born in Singapore, brought up in Hong Kong, and studying in the United Kingdom ever since she was 15. Therefore her artistic interest lies in the uncertain nature of the concept of “home” and the ephemerality of contemporary life. Such feelings of temporality, displacement, disconnection and longing are expressed through painting, drawing, moving images, and photography. The resultant works portrays the subtle, quiet and deeply personal things in her immediate surroundings. Accumulated and archived through time, they in turn become self-portraits. More of her work can be found at


Elizabeth Gibson - How I Could Learn to Dance

Elizabeth Gibson is a Masters student at the University of Manchester and a Digital Reporter for Manchester Literature Festival. She is a member of The Writing Squad and a reviewer for The Cadaverine and Structo. Her work has been accepted by magazines such as Far Off Places, London Journal of Fiction, Octavius, Severine, Ink, Sweat & Tears and Gigantic Sequins. She tweets at @Grizonne and blogs at She founded and edits Foxglove Journal.


Nick Black - Ruby in the Shade

Nick Black’s stories have been accepted by literary magazines including Jellyfish Review, Open Pen, the Lonely Crowd, Severine, Funhouse, Firefly, Spelk and Litro.  They've also won various flash contests and been listed for the 2015 and '16 Bath Flash Fiction Awards, Land Rover/GQ/Salon House Short Story Competition and the Spread the Word Prize.


Luke Renouf - Untitled


Niles Reddick - Sex Offender

Niles Reddick’s newest novel Drifting too far from the Shore has been nominated for a Pulitzer. Previously, his collection Road Kill Art and Other Oddities was a finalist for an Eppie award and his first novella Lead Me Home was a national finalist for a Foreword award. His work has appeared in anthologies Southern Voices in Every DirectionUnusual CircumstancesGetting Old, and Happy Holidays and has been featured in many journals including The Arkansas Review: a Journal of Delta StudiesSouthern ReaderLike the DewThe Dead Mule School of Southern LiteratureThe Pomanok ReviewCorner Club PressSlice of Life,  Faircloth Review, and many others. He works for the University of Memphis at Lambuth in Jackson, Tennessee. His website is


Gareth Culshaw - Southern Atlantic & Wasted Clouds

Gareth lives in Wales. He has been published in various places across the UK and USA. He hopes one day to achieve something special with the pen. 


Simon Pinkerton - The Hippocratic Sloth

Simon Pinkerton is a balloon with a face scrawled on it. When you untie the balloon and the air comes out it distinctly says "You're not my real dad!" He writes fiction and humour for the sweetest mags in the US and UK, and his first novel is almost written, mostly by him. He is the hot sausage you dream of @simonpinkerton . Writing links at


Nick Cobb - A Journey Down Rye Lane from Mothercare to Co-op Funeralcare

Nick lives and works in Peckham, London. He makes dioramas and architectural models and then creates drawings and photographs from them. His model of Rye Lane was exhibited in the Copeland Gallery as part of the first Peckham Festival in 2016. He is currently working on a project about One Tree Hill, Honour Oak in South London.


Sean Cullivan - Corncrake

Sean Cullivan hails from Cavan, a small town in rural Ireland. He currently lives in London, via several years spent in Dublin. He's a copywriter in an ad agency by day, while working away on his own writing in his spare time. Having built up a fair stack of stories, he's ready to send them out into the world – Corncrake is his first published piece. Follow him on Twitter @seanbeing


MK Punky - Clouds Cannot Repeat & Silkworm Sutra

MK Punky is the author of a dozen books, most recently "How the Revolution Started: Essays and Impertinent Thoughts," and the 2016 winner of the Barrelhouse Prize for fiction for the novel "Year 14." MK Punky serves as poet laureate of Vista Street Community Library in Los Angeles. @MKPunky1


Jonathan Langran - Front and rear cover images & The 109 Brixton

Jonathan Langran was born in Dublin in 1949. He grew up in St Austell, Cornwall before moving to London as a teenager. He attended Newport College of Art Film School in 1967 and ever since has carried a camera. He visited Paris in 1968 and Rome in 1969. He travelled to Morocco and returned to Ireland in 1970 living in Brittas Co.Dublin, working on a farm, on trawlers and as an assistant cameraman on Amuigh Faon Speir a wildlife film programme for Radio Telefis Eireann. Back in Britain in the mid-1970s he became a marginal film maker living on Arts Council grants, hanging out at the London Film-Makers Co-operative working with other film makers and taking photographs for a shipping company and International Times. Over the next two decades he continued film making and photographing in European capitals and in Cuba. During the 1980s he switched to another passion working in mechanical engineering in various companies before becoming a lecturer in Writtle College, University of Essex.  He consistently used photography in his teaching. He has subsequently made trips to Sweden, the USA, France and China taking photographs of people and street life. He regularly photographs friends and family, rugby games and London life.


Joseph Surtees - The Butterfly Telephone

Joseph Surtees lives in London and writes about memory.


Sean Z. Fitzgerald - Another Place: A beginning in vivo

Sean lectures in film and television production at Bucks New University. Originally from Liverpool, he now lives in the South West of England. His pieces of creative fiction and non-fiction have been published by Thursday Identity , Holdfast Magazine, the Honest Ulsterman, and Written Tales, and will also be present in the upcoming publications of Razur Cuts 3 and Number Eleven #10. Currently, he is engaged in a part-time creative practice doctorate in writing gene-fiction, at the University of Winchester, UK. His writing and photographic images can be found at @mollusc101 and


Chris Stanley - Three for Two

Christopher Stanley lives on a hill in South West England with three sons who share the same birthday but aren’t triplets. In 2016 he won The Short Story’s April flash fiction contest and was runner-up in Raging Aardvark’s Twisted Tales competition and Retreat West’s monthly themed flash fiction competition. His stories have also featured in the last two National Flash Fiction Day anthologies and will appear in this year’s The Molotov Cocktail: Prize Winners Anthology. He can be found on Twitter @allthosestrings.


Poppy O'Neill - Scales & Gravity Can Suck It

Poppy O'Neill's writing has been featured in Oh Comely, The Dangerous Women Project and Halo magazine, as well as short story anthologies from Mother's Milk Books, A Room Of Our Own and National Flash Fiction Day. Her flash fiction has been long-listed for the Bath Flash Fiction Award. She is currently writing her first novel and studying for an MA at the University of Chichester. 


Andy Naylor - Buster

Andy is a writer, a creator of bespoke speeches, and a personal favourite of The Ham team. /


Ariah Winter - from Rosy Crucifiction Trilogy

Originally born in Marlton, New Jersey, USA, and now a permanent resident living in Uxbridge, West London; Ariah Winter is a self-taught photographer who specialises in creative editorial photography, which led to her establishing Bitchin’ Hickies Photography in late 2015 with fellow photographer, Tasha Best. Ariah Winter combines the best of both worlds, creating a fusion of black & white & colour film and digital together in all of her work. All of Ariah’s work can be seen on


Bhaswati Ghosh - After The Party

Bhaswati Ghosh writes and translates fiction and non-fiction and poetry. Her work has appeared/is forthcoming in Open Road Review, Warscapes, Pithead Chapel, Coldnoon Travel Poetics, Stonecoast Review, and Humanities Underground. Bhaswati lives in Ontario, Canada. Her website is


Daniel David Gothard - Bursting With Love

Daniel has a CertHE and Masters degree in creative writing from Ruskin College, Oxford and Bath Spa University. He has been published in anthologies and literary journals in the UK and abroad, including "Eight Hours" (Legend Press) and the prestigious "The View From Here". His first novel - "Friendship and Afterwards" (Yolk Publishing) - was published in 2014 to critical acclaim and a People's Book Prize nomination. In 2015, his second novel - "Simon says" (Urbane Publications) was a WHSmith's Christmas and New Year promotion bestseller. Daniel's third novel - "Reunited" (also published by Urbane Publications) - was released in October 2016. Both "Simon says" and "Reunited" were nominated for RNA awards. Daniel is also an arts correspondent for After Nyne Magazine. His commissioned short story - "Curtains and Lights" - was published in the January 2017 colour supplement edition of The Oxford Times.