Submissions are currently closed whilst we work out way through the work submitted for issue #3.



Short Stories & Flash Fiction

We accept fiction up to a maximum of 4000 words. Shorter stories and flash fiction under 1000 words are especially encouraged. There are no guidelines here on form or style, we simply want stories that grab our attention, that chew us up and spit us out. We prefer to accept work from newer writers, those without a developed literary career, but all work is considered and if it’s good enough it goes in. We will accept a maximum of 3 submissions of short fiction and ask that it be previously unpublished. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if it’s accepted elsewhere.


We accept poems of all styles and forms up to a maximum of 60 lines, the shorter the better. We will accept up to 5 poems per submission and if we think they’re good enough we’ll publish them all, so go mad.


We accept any work of an epistolary nature, whether it be letters from readers, real life correspondence, or fictional correspondence. Make us laugh, make us think, make us question our very existence.


If you think someone has some wisdom to impart, then speak to them, write it down and send it to us. We want to hear from anyone, whether that be your local shopkeeper, your mum, or the old man that you pass in the street everyday. We think interviews are a great way to tell a story, to extract sordid secrets and nuggets of insight that might otherwise be left unsaid.


All works of non-fiction under 4000 words will be considered. Whether it be a short story, an essay, or just a rant, if it’s interesting and it fits in with our theme we’ll publish it.


We want to see anything that you think we might find interesting. We are especially interested in work from artists and photographers that don’t yet have developed careers. All work will be considered but that which fits in with the theme of the current issue will be given precedence. We are always keen to hear from artists and photographers that might be willing to collaborate with us on an issue, or to create work to complement specific pieces of writing.

Before submitting

Please send all writing as a Word document, double spaced, with the title of the work and the name of the author at the top of the page. Where possible please refrain from using the TAB key, as this makes the editing process much more laborious. Please use just one space after a full stop/period. If sending multiple pieces of work please start each on a new page.

For poetry we accept Word documents as well as scanned handwritten poetry. If your poem has a specific spacial arrangement please either send instructions with the email or send as a PDF.

For visual arts we accept PDF, high quality JPEG, or even physical copies, but please send a self addressed envelope so we can return your work. Please bear in mind the The Ham is printed in black and white.

For all submissions please send a few words about yourself (in third person) along with any links you would like us to include. The Ham doesn't make profit, and as much as we would love to, we cannot yet pay for submissions, but we are happy to include links back to your own website/blog. If accepted, we take one-time non-exclusive serial rights, one-time non-exclusive electronic rights and archival rights to your work.

Please send all submissions to: